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biotopos early harvest organic extra virgin olive oil

EVOO biotopos by NOOS TRADE

Myrina - Lemnos - Greece


Buy Early harvest organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biotopos     37° 8'45.71"N   21°39'31.44"E

Monovarietal – Koroneiki – Dry farmed

The origin of Biotopos is from the village of Christianoupolis in Messenia Peloponnese; the southern part of Greece, an area recognized for its production of superior quality extra virgin olive oil and valued each year as the most expensive in Greece. 

Organic cultivation of the olive grove is entirely performed the natural way. The early selective harvest of the single grove is made traditionally ​​by hands. The transportation of the olives to the mill and the cold extraction is completed the same day after harvest, in order to avoid oxidation and to protect the olive oil's nutritional integrity. Thoroughly implemented procedures and quality control ensure the lowest possible acidity and maintain the most of the beneficial health properties.

With strong fresh aroma of unripe olives, green apple and thyme, bitter with a spicy dose after taste this premium olive oil will ideally accompany your sophisticated dishes.

Olive oil is considered one of the most valuable nutritional factors to ensure well-being and longevity, the key ingredient of Mediterranean diet. It’s scientifically proven that provides health benefits, and a rich source of numerous compounds, including polyphenols and vitamins, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Compared to other cooking oils, extra virgin olive oil contains more monounsaturated or "good" fats and is low in saturated fat.

Awards:Olive Japan 2015 silver, London iooc 2017 silver - 2018 gold, Berlin iooc 2020 silver.


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1st km Myrina Moudro
Myrina - Lemnos - Greece

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