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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lembo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lembo

Campobasso - CB - Italia
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The Lembo Oil Company is nestled among the olive groves of the Molise hills. The company combines advanced cold-pressing technology with a love for the land and a passion for producing high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The company was founded by Giulio Lembo in 1890 in the village of Ferrazzano, where he installed a traditional olive press. Giulio’s son Pierluigi Giuseppe later bought an olive farm in the countryside around Campobasso, the regional capital, where he transferred and modernised his father’s  press.

From Giulio to Giuseppe and Sabrina,  the current owner, the company has continued to grow and develop. Its high-tech machinery today may not be powered by horses like Giulio’s original press, but Lembo Oil maintains a firm dedication to the traditions of olive oil production.  

For four generations Lembo has brought the genuine taste of Molise to Italian kitchens, with a wide range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Flavoured Oils and special products in oil processed manually by experienced farmers.

The Molise region has enjoyed a rich history, and is now benefitting from an economic growth which is steady yet environmentally sustainable. Its hidden treasures include Mediaeval churches, hilltop villages and unspoilt countryside.  

It is this perfectly preserved setting which yields Lembo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Produced from the Gentile di Larino olive, a variety known to the ancient Romans, this golden oil has a delicate taste and an incomparable aroma, a result of nature’s generosity combined with many years’ experience of olive cultivation.

We shows here this EVOO Lembo so that you have the possibility of Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil online directly in the Shop of the brand.

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Campobasso - CB - Italia
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