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Inserrata Organic Farm

Inserrata Organic EVOO

San Miniato - Pisa - Italy


Inserrata Evoo is a family owned business specialised in biological agriculture since 1997. Surrounded by the magnificent Tuscan landscape, it differentiates itself in quality and style, respecting and ensuring the protection of the environment and its biodiversity. Characterised by a strong artistic passion, the company from Tuscany distinguish itself by its creativity and values, which go beyond the boundaries of agriculture. A few years ago Inserrata started collaborating with artists from all over the Europe, organizing special shows of photography, art and design.

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Via XXIV Maggio 36
San Miniato - Pisa - Italy

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  • 250 ml
    x3 Uds.

    Inserrata Organic Olive Oil

    Echological-Organic -
    Leccino Moraiolo Frantoiano Mignola Pendolino Coratina
    30.00 €
    30.00 €/L
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How to buy your EVOO?

From Monday to Friday (From 10:00 AM to 19:00 PM)