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Superior Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Óleo Albaicín SL AOVE

Sevilla - Villanueva del Río y Minas - Spain


Located south of the Subbética Cordoba. The varieties of our farm (Hojiblanca, Picuda and Pajarera) the latter, exclusive to the subbética area of Cordoba, provide unique and incomparable aromas.
Love for our land, we put passion and enthusiasm to care for, maintain and preserve the landscape that these trees give us.
The whole process is carried out by Cortijo la Toquera, where the best olive oils in the world are produced, totally natural and handmade, cold extracted to preserve the polyphenols and aromas that make it unique and unmistakable.
It has an intense green color and stands out for its mild fruity flavor, which ends with a bitter touch and delicious aroma that remains on our palate.
Authentic olive oil juice.


C/ Alcalde Antonio García Martinez, 12
Sevilla - Villanueva del Río y Minas - Spain
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