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Oleomile EVOO

Oleomile EVOO

Madrid - MADRID - Spain


OLEOMILE is a family business traditionally established in the area of Bajo Maestrazgo, Castellón, with many generations behind, perhaps 20, dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Through the years we have acquired the knowledge in the production of extra virgin olive oil, FARGA varity, proceeding from protected olives trees of 2000/1000/500 years old and it is the personal bet of the professionals who integrate Oleomile, to be able to offer to the world a unique product of our land. The EVOO´s produced by our millenarian olive trees, is bottled in luxury packaging numered bottles and cases. Very limited production!

A philosophy that has lasted from the Phoenicians to the present day on the shores of the Mediterranean and which gives a special character to our way of understanding and enjoying the authentic pleasures of life.

We also produce Premium extra virgin oil from old varieties that are native to the area and unknown to the vast majority, including experts, as it is common in the smallholder area to collect all varieties of olives at once and produce "coupage" oils. The LLUMET variety have surprised us all with their new contribution of flavours and aromas to the wide world of Spanish oil, OLEOMILE being the pioneers in this selection.

We care about the quality, not about the yield-quantity. The quality, production process and origin are certified. It is our objective, to try to do things not only well, but very well, bringing new flavours to gourmets and creating unique and unforgettable gifts.

We shows here this EVOO Oleomile so that you have the possibility of Buy Olive Oil online directly in the web Shop of the Oil Mill, Cooperative, Producer or brand.

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Bahia de Santander, nº 79
Madrid - MADRID - Spain
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