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Trasmoz del Moncayo - Zaragoza - Spain


We are proud to offer our customers only one type of raw Olive Oil, that is, unfiltered and decanted by its natural, very high quality. Higher category olive oil obtained directly from olives 85% arbequina, 5% manzanilla and 15% farga, only through mechanical procedures of Trasmoz and Gandesa's own olive groves. In the tasting the aromas that are distinguished refer to very electric notions: fruits (green apple, citrus ...), flowers (linden, acacia ...), spices, vegetables, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts ...). A good oil must be balanced, fruity, sweet and without bitterness. In our olive juice all these qualities are clearly appreciated, without unwanted aromas or bitter notes that hinder its enjoyment at any time of day or with any food. It should be noted that the maximum tolerated acidity is 0.8 grams per 100 grams (0.8%), and the tasting note cannot drop below 6.5 / 9. Our oil offers, for the last harvest, a maximum acidity of 0.1% (according to an approved laboratory) and a tasting note of 8.2. The olive arrives at the mill for the extraction of olive juice within a period of no more than 24 hours from its collection in the field. This process is carried out in independent oil mills, by means of mechanical and cold processes, following our instructions from washing, through subsequent crushing and final centrifugal pressing. Our juices then follow a decanting process in which the waxes and creams are preserved for a long period of time. Before bottling, a new racking and decanting takes place, but without filtering, thereby obtaining a product of the 100% natural raw oil type (for this reason, you can see grounds in the bottles). Then approved laboratories carry out the appropriate acidity analyzes. Once we have the results of these analyzes, and after having tasted the quality, we proceed to the packaging of the juice, keeping the tanks full even though it must be transferred to others of lesser capacity, thus avoiding contact with air, and keeping it at a constant temperature of about 23 degrees. With this minimally industrialized process, we make sure to guarantee the quality and uniformity of our juice. The result is an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil with its own brand AGUSTÍN FORNÓS with Denomination of origin Terra Alta. The properties of a good oil depend on the cleanliness, care and traceability of the product. If we add to this the composition of the land, the ideal location of the farms (at 470 and 730 meters of altitude). We obtain fruits with wide aromas and colors that promote the highest quality and allow us to obtain spectacular analyzes. Buy Olive Oil Agustín Fornós in our Shop.

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C/ Monasterio de Veruela 7
Trasmoz del Moncayo - Zaragoza - Spain
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