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Ref: Picual Almarada
Picual Single Variety - Almarada 500ml - Reinos de Taifas EVOO
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Almarada 500ml Picual EVOO

500 ml
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    Reinos de Taifas
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) which Picual variety has a strong personality. Its main characteristic is a bitter touch in the end due to its high content in tannins. Picual variety is the most widely cultivated in the south of Spain.

Picual variety has a less fruity flavour and causes a more pricking sensation in the mouth. The fresh EVOO is greenish-yellow coloured.

Almarada 500ml bottle

Picual Almarada is suitable for individuals that live on their own or small families. Also for big families using EVOO exclusively for breakfast and dressing salads.

It is the best option to handle with a single hand and adding a controlled amount of EVOO while cooking or to add some flavour to your dishes already cooked taking care of the presentation in an accurate way.


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