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Oliveclub Arbequina Tin 250 Ml. EVOO
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EVOO Arbequina Oliveclub, Tin 250 Ml

250 ml
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    Oliveclub AOVE
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EVOO Arbequina  Oliveclub

Extra Virgin Oil cold-extracted from the first press , just pure Arbequina EVOO GOURMET.

Enjoy yourself with this 250 ml tin with a spectacular olive oil and have a good time identifying its aromas.

Aroma´s graph included.

Arbequina olive can be used as a table olive and to produce extra virgin olive oil of excelent quality.

The Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is quite fruity and remember the scents of freshly cut grass, apple, artichoke, green banana. Medium bitter and spicy sensation combined with a creamy texture that provides and strengthen your dishes.

Very appropriate in salads and white fish, adding creaminess and delicate flavours.

Olive Oil for Hospitality.


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  • 100 ml - 500.00 €
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