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Ref: 2003
Occidens O.3 Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 240 ml
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Occidens O.3 Extra Virgin Organic

240 ml
Echological-Organic /
Cobrançosa / Verdeal / Negrinha do Freixo
/ Glass bottle /
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  • Caja
  • DOP Trás-os-Montes
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The production of olive oil started long ago in the Middle East and the Romans were the first to bring the olive tree into the Iberian Peninsula “Hispanya”. Olive oil is the only natural oil used in cooking that is not subject to any form of chemical transformation.

Some of the olive trees in Portugal are close to 800 years old and in the most western country of Europe, where the sun sets, time has a special flavour.

Our production processes are completely natural. We comply with all relevant standards and are certified by the EU as a producer and seller of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our olives grow in the Vila Flor & Douro region which is internationally renowned as having one of the best soils in the world to cultivate high quality extra virgin olive oils.

We shows here this Olive Oil Occidens so that you have the possibility of Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil online directly in the web store of the Olive Oil Mill, Cooperative, Producer or brand.

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