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  • Fill in your information about your brand and the references of your extra virgin olive oil in through a username that we give you to be able to manage your account at all times. You are responsible for the information introduced, ensuring that such information is verify, updating it when necessary.
  • is available both in spanish and english. We facilitate you an assistant to translate from one to another if necessary.
  • We facilitate the link of your web page and your extra virgin olive oil to your customers. However, it is not permitted to record links webs of third companies that commercialize your extra virgin olive oil, since the aim of NacimientOliva is that the company tramits sales directly to your customers through the web page of your enterprise.
  • Confirm that you commercialize extra virgin olive oil with your own brand, can not publicit in our web page an enterprise which is dedicated to commercialize extra virgin olive oil from other companies.
  • If any change will apprear at your page URL, you should check your web links of your profile in NacimientOliva to be modified if necessary so that the final customer can access your web from NacimientOliva.
  • In case of detecting an errata yourself by NacimientOliva, communicate it as soon as possible to solve it immediately.
  • Your business gives your information to NacimientOliva to be able to publish this platform and your extra virgin olive oil.
  • Guarantee that your olive oil advertised at NacimientOliva is extra virgin olive oil or flavored olive oil.
  • NacimientOliva reserves the right to a possible modification of the conditions and modifications in web, with the purpose of improving this platform, being able to expand information in their profile, links to their website, press links of their brad and access to their Social Networks, adding internal links of NacimientOliva for the Improvemente of the SEO of both parties.
  • In case of breach of these conditions by yourself, NacimientOliva reserves the right of rescind the relationship between both.
  • Registration on our web is free.

IMPORTANT: We advise you that you create a folder for emails which are destined for, since these emails will be for consultations, request for budgets, customer orders, ... . In this way, giving a better service to the customer.